ZONI [zones] 2007

A juxtapostion of 2 videos, Maryan & Rahma and Port of Call, created as part of the Bezruc Opava Festival with the theme: Europe.  Documentary rawness and frankness meet in the simple stories of Maryan and Rahm, a Somali mother and daughter seeking asylum in Malta.  More than a poignant narrative of the plight of these émigrés, who risked their lives in the dodgy crossing between African borders and mainland Europe, this work targets the frictional gaps between human aspiration, flight, difference and intrusion.  The adjacent video, Port of Call, conceptualises a journey line filmed from the sea, tracing a hazy portline till it locks into docking point.  A series of accompanying drawings examine the way space is paritioned and regimentalised.
installation Asylum Seekers, MCA Malta Contemporary Art
project at the open centre Albertown, Malta 2007
ZONI [2-video ceiling / wall projection] 2007

Zoni installation as part of Researchers Night of Europe in the meditation space at Saint James Centre for Creativity, Valletta  2007
Zoni ceiling installation at the House of Arts, Dum Umeni, Opava - Bezruc Festival, theme Europe,  2007
landings - documents of the sea [collage drawings]