Transforming documentary footage from the 9.11 NY attacks in 2001, this piece explores the dimension of the split-screen to align visual and political dislocations.  The "event" comes to us through the media, thus becoming a spectral experience conveyed through the mechanical horizon of our television screens.  The work embodies the viewer and the viewed  - the mesmerised stare of an onlooker situated next to the chaotic vortex of people.  The sound is a collage created from the immediate event.  The historic and histrionic contend with one another.  This queries how we encounter our realities, through the blurring of two time horizons: the natural and the virtual.  As onlookers of the spectacle through somebody else's eyes, we are a further remove from the event itself.  This distancing subjects us to a kind of soporific immersion, passive and nightmarish, and like transfixed viewers we are spectators of the spectral.
spectacle [video] 2005

Video installation exhibited in Dans la Nuit des Images, Gramd Palais, Paris  2008
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid video-library espace consultation  2006/2007
Touching Land, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury UK  2005