soho pink video clip                                   soho blue video clip

SOHO - Soho Pink & Soho Blue video installation

Concerned with a territory marked out for the consumption of sex, the SOHO videos record the masked realities of lure and seduction that become the object of the way we trade "gaze".  The sleaze surrounding the consumerism of the human market is aligned with the surreptitious gaze of the filmmaking process in soho pink - a film made with a hidden camera inside the porn shops of Soho in London.  soho blue traces the outside lure and signs of this city's red light streets.
SO HO  [2-video & sound installation] 2007

Installation in the Upper Galleries as part of The Philosophical Brothel, Saint James Centre for Creativity, Valletta, 2007

Single stream in amaze / a-maze Culture Festival, Szuka Fabryka Bau-Huis, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, 2008

Solo installation at Remont Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2009

Single video installation at La Boutique Soho, Place Stephanie, Excelles, Brussels, 2010

Single video installation in Spaces Spazji in Malta Arts Festival, Strait, Street, Valletta, 2010