SEALAND, 2-video projection work that explores the line between land and sea, a transient space questioning the notion of ownership. This tidal dialogue evokes a conceptual parallel for nomadic itinerancy - a fluid line of flight escaping fixture, forever migratory.  The politicisation of the shoreline reflects upon the very difference between stable land and the changeable substance of the sea.  The line where water hits land, a "line" redrawn at every moment, is nature's own semiology; its language for the erasure of its own framework, denoting never a stable ownership.
double projection - video clip (in sequence)

notes from a working journal..
This piece emerges as a metaphor for the geography and politicisation of the two great archaeologies of land and sea.  The work embodies a segment of time exploring the itinerant "line" between land and sea.  It consists of two split-screen videos aligned in a corner space creating undulating enclosures of land.. a "contrary return" caught in eternal loop.  This sea-land dialogue echoes the geopolitics surrounding land, sea, migration and movement, out of which our histories evolve.  The ambivalent interplay of line and flight (strata and erasure) resonates in the unstable shoreline - a refrain to what separates and yet joins one land with another, and ultimately one human being with another.
SEALAND installation in Virtual Residence exhibition at Faux Mouvement Centre d'Art Contemporain, Metz, France  2007
and Crossings, Espace Camille Claudel, Amiens, France  2006
Sealand installation drawings exhibited in Fragments from the Studio, Questioning Spaces curated by Mark Mangion, Biaggio Steps, Valletta  2007
SEALAND [double video projection & drawings] 2007

Sealand installation drawing limited edition