A   M   O   U   R  print frieze installed in La Salle des Expositions, La Mairie du 8eme, Paris,  2014, and in Sofia-press Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria,  2013

Regret consists of a video installation, a series of collage works, print-frieze, and folding sculpture book.  The work explores biographical themes prompted by the iconic refrain 'Je ne regrette rien' by Edith Piaf.  The collage process meshes fact and fiction, life and film inspired from the tragic affair between Edith Piaf and her boxer lover Marcel Cerdan.  The process of dis-ordering and re-ordering visual narratives is used to create new story lines provoked through the juxtaposition of the disparate roles of singing and boxing.  This discord is echoed in matching unrelated filmic edits from La Vie en Rose and Raging Bull reflecting episodes in the lives of these stars.  Marcel Cerdan dies in a plane crash soon after losing his championship to Jake Lamotta in the notorious Round 10, on his way to visit La Piaf.  The 'little sparrow', left in denial, writes her song.  Reworking found imagery and sound, this project contemplates biography as a form of replay - a human ploy to reorder our own stories reflected through those we see on stage or screen.

REGRET [video, collage, sculpture-book]  2013