flight [video|sound]  2005
This split-screen video creates a context for the landless and the paradoxical tensions surrounding the yearning for freedom.  It has been inspired upon a prevailing situation concerning the clandestine influx of immigrants fleeing from central Africa and arriving stealthily by sea in the Mediterranean in an attempt for new land.  This journey often ends in distress or in new socio-political occlusions.  But in this work the historical or contemporary issues informing the ideas are used as a departure.  And, rather than a recording of the event, Flight is a metonymy for impossibility.  The sensorial and political are brought together in a juxtaposition where the viewer is left to seek the corresponding context in disparate streams - the hand that reaches shoreline but slips away and the birds in a hypnotic flight towards land they never reach.
flight exhibited in Touching Land installation in the Chapter House, Canterbury Cathedral, Kent UK in 2005