Camouflage, Revolution, and Desire - drawing from movies
book publication and a collection of editioned collage works called After the Book

In 2012 Ruth Bianco and Richard Davies set up Wax Wings Publications, a self-publishing house for art, special editions and book productions

Book and art launch at The Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury, London 2012

Camouflage, Revolution, and Desire launched and exhibited at The Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury, London  2012
selection of the collection at One Alfred Place, Bloomsbury, London  2013
and at Store Street Gallery, Bloomsbury, London  2014

Project launched and exhibited also in Malta at Opus 64 Gallery, Sliema in November 2012, and at Palazzo de Piro Cultural Centre, Mdina in April 2013
Camouflage, Revolution, and Desire book publication at the Turner Contemporary bookshop  2013
Camouflage, Revolution, and Desire book publication at the Tate Modern bookshop  2012 / 13
from the collection After the Book - collage unique editions of 15 [ruth bianco and richard davies]
Camouflage, Revolution and Desire
- drawing from movies

a Wax Wings Publications project
by ruth bianco and richard davies 2012

Wax Wings Publications was created in July 2012 by Ruth Bianco and Richard Davies as a space for artistic collaboration, special editions and book art productions exploring the interface between the digital arts, hands-on media and spatial networks.  Working between Malta and the United Kingdom, they fuse innovative methods in the contemporary fine arts with new media into distance networking enabling ideas to unfold and connect between different locations.

They launched their first project as an investigation of 'collage' today, reinterpreting distance as a metaphor for 'digital glue'.  Wax Wings Publications launched its first outcome through a book called Camouflage, Revolution, and Desire accompanied by a series of artworks, After the Book, in July 2012 in Bloomsbury at The Horse Hospital in London.  It is no coincidence that Virginia and Leonard Woolf established their independent publishing house called Hogarth House in 1917 and spent a significant part of their lives living in Bloomsbury.

Camouflage, Revolution, and Desire, with the subtitle 'drawing from movies', explores the transmutation of narrative through the language of collage whereby technology opens more routes for creative transmedia and 'post-production' across the tactile, spatial, digital and graphic fine arts.  This first experiment in self-publication by the artists unites art with filmic iconography through metonymic connections - a process of thinking and reconnecting broken references drawing from cinema; stills and frames from cult, new wave and its influences, revolutionising the edges of cinema in the same way as collage did the surface of paint.