Self-published limited edition artist bookworks made between 2002 and 2003:

if i just turn and run [2002] is a handmade book hybridizing sketch-book and documentation in a collage of photography, notations, drawings and visual memories traced from autobiographical records and activities.  The bookwork brings these sketches together in a hand stitched compilation of papers, textures, card and translucencies.

red alert [2003] is a hand and digital compilation created from machine sewn images onto raw hand-made papers.  Image and text are recycled in layers of collage threaded together from the reworkings of a staged photo-study on war and poison.  This bookwork was created as an adjunct to the Wall of Prayer installation and presented together in the Grot Kerk Den Haag (Breakthrough exhibition, The Hague, 2004).
IF I JUST TURN AND RUN 2002 hand made editioned artists bookwork held in the collection of:
Tate Britain Special Archive Collection, Victoria & Albert Museum Archive Special Collection, and Royal College of Art Bookart Collection, London

If I Just Turn and Run exhibited in Traverses, Herbert Read Gallery, UCA, Canterbury UK  2002
in Breakthrough, Grot Kerk den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands  2004
and in Nieuwe EU Landen, Regentenkamer Kunstzentrum, The Hague  2004

IF.. Cover as printwork exhibited and in the collection of CDAK Communication Design Communication of Korea, Seoul
IF I JUST TURN AND RUN [artists book]  2002