black island
A sculptural détournement combining an assemblage of salvaged house and boat wrecks (time eroded) with looped projection (time produced).

from a thinking journal..
This fractured reality reflects a conceptual transportation to savage desecration on body and place - as in The Raft of the Medusa Géricault painting.  For the idea of "home", harbour or refuge is an eroded, splintered one for the emigrant.  Yet space is abused, like in the recent Mumbai blast where territorial violence migrates across physical lands and digital screens (media reported criminal gangs arriving stealthily at night by boat..).  In Black Island, remnants from dwellings float in disarray on a black painted square.. For, is space just a spectacle for the dysfunction of civilisation?

black island [video sculpture installation] 2008

black island installation in the exhibition 8:18 eight eighteen [a Start project] at MCA Malta Contemporary Art, Marsa Shed, Malta  2008